Sunday, June 16, 2024


From a SCIENTIST to an entrepreneur

Dr. Vidhya Ramaswamy’s infectious enthusiasm shows that it’s possible to succeed professionally even in the most challenging of circumstances. She wore her life’s scars as her best attire and decided to impart the knowledge that she has acquired to others as a service. Dr. Ramaswamy is an internationally renowned motivational...

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Impressive with Impresa

It was during a moment of crisis in her life, when her child was born and parents couldn’t be with her for long, that Ms. Anjali Chandran decided to return to her native place in Kozhikode. The chance encounter with a weaver from Telegana, who was on the verge of...

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Blending Taste & Coziness

Experience the unique blend off enriching taste and indulge in the blissful luxury at Ayish Manzil, an abode of unmatched ethnicity at Thalassery, the town synonymous with its culinary treats. Alluring tourists from across the globe with a variety of irresistible dishes is Faiza Moosa, the housewife turned entrepreneur who...

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Quintessence of life

An innovative idea can change the face of the entire world. Lakshmi Menon from Cochin, Aryankavau, with ‘Pure Living’ as her enterprise and passion talks to Brand Kerala and elaborates her vision and mission. She recollects her journey with enthusiasm, “I started Pure Living in it was started mainly to...

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